Hi Blair. Thanks for reading and responding. I understand your points but don’t necessarily think they are applicable to the article’s primary theme. This isn’t an article about me or my situation. It’s not an article about changing organizations and is not meant to offer practical advice. It’s an observational piece to reflect on the state of our profession. I couldn’t hope to change that by changing my own personal situation. I can, however, reach a wide audience with an article such as this and perhaps spark change beyond my own personal situation. That’s not whining. That’s contributing to a dialog within a profession. That is the point of this piece — to reach a wider audience and induce some reflection.

From a practical standpoint, changing organizational culture and behavior is difficult and can take up to seven years according to the HBR. The old cliche of showing them how great we UX folks are is fairly ineffective. People don’t care about how great you are. They care about their bottom line and what you can do to impact it. I have written extensively on organizational change before. I chose not to return to that topic in this piece.

Jumping ship is often a very effective strategy given the difficulty of changing organizational behavior. You do what you can do to change an organization. Sometimes I have made very positive changes. Other times, after several years and when it was clear my efforts were not making an impact, I’d move on. Sometimes the ant can’t move the rubber tree plant, Blair. Keep designing and keep pushing against that rubber tree plant. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can make a change and stop the machines or change their direction of movement.

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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