Hi Dmitriy — I do not believe my goal is to make a profit for a company. That is only a single measurement of success (and often a quite shallow measurement). My goal and purpose, as a designer, is to enrich and improve the lives of others. At a more granular level, my goal is to contribute (as best I can) to the production of a great experience. If that results in profit, so be it. But the profit of a company cannot be my primary concern and I cannot serve two masters.

Yes, companies must turn a profit and I have to pay the bills and put McFood on the table. But there are limits to this. I don’t think profits can be prioritized over people’s well-being and that is where I draw the line. It seems to me we could hit a middle-ground where companies can turn a profit and also improve the lives of both their employees and their customers.

As for teaching by doing versus writing articles: I have done both in the past. I’m better at writing and believe language (and the expression of ideas) is often where great change starts. I share my experiences through language and I believe that also makes an impact on our profession (and the world). There will be those who disagree and those who agree. But I stand by my words, am willing to rethink my position based on feedback and have the courage to put my byline on a piece of writing I share with the world for discussion.

I certainly never expected the overwhelming response I have received to this article. Thanks for your comment and for reading the article. Alternate points of view are important as they keep confirmation bias at bay.

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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