Hi Dylan — great response and you make very good points. I am not an anti-standard advocate and even state in the article that standardization is not necessarily a bad thing. I do think we need standards, but have to be aware of the unintended consequences in following them to the letter. It’s a fine line to walk between maintaining a standard for quality purposes, for example, and maintaining a standard just because it is “the standard.”

The issue I am poking at in this article is when standardization dehumanizes us and creates generic jobs where we simply connect the dots or color inside the lines to produce the next meaningless product. We cease to think and solve problems because if we follow the standard or the process, we create a great product, right? I think you hint at some of this in your reply when you discuss robots.

I do think the points you make about standardization and processes are fair points. We need them at some level. But they have to remain guidelines in any creative process. I don’t believe you can box creativity up into a process, standard or template except at a very high level. To do us, turns product development into an assembly line. We don’t work on the assembly line. Our work is upstream at the creative level where standards and process often inhibit innovation.

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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