Hi Louie. Much of what you point out is beyond the scope of this article. The socioeconomic aspects of healthcare is an entire article in and of itself. But in reference to the hearing aid research: I was not attempting to copy the purchase of a luxury vehicle when I conducted that research. I was attempting to understand what service design looked like in those specific scenarios. It had less to do with the actual product than how people felt throughout their purchase journey.

Going beyond your industry and pairing different ideas in different contexts requires one to strip away what is not useful. That’s why I specifically wrote: “Then apply it to your scenario, removing the waste and adding other ideas as you work through your design.” I suppose there will be designers who may just copy one design and apply it to a different scenario where it doesn’t fit. I’m not sure if that would result in an actual “design crisis,” so don’t share the same concerns as you. I tend to have a bit more faith in the next generation of designers.

Thanks for the read and the detailed comment! I think you might have hit on a couple of great article ideas, should you so decide to write them up.

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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