Hi Marjorie — thank you for reading and responding. When I use the car analogy, I am referring to the entire user experience. What I am trying to convey is the power windows, lights, and windshield wipers is the UX. We are often considered the icing on the cake while building working software is usually the primary focus in healthcare. You are certainly right and I would agree we should ensure we are solving the correct problem. We often don’t get that far in healthcare though. UX becomes an afterthought — an exercise in interface design rather than creating an experience.

I think we can understand what a clinician’s day looks like. I think we can, through research, understand their ecosystem. Unfortunately, we often head out for research for our specific design needs. For example, you might be designing a pharmacy system for a large chain of stores where your research does not involve physicians at all. You might only be budgeted to research that specific system and not the external systems feeding into that system. Is it possible to go further than this? Of course. Is it likely? That depends on who you are working for and the goal of the project. I certainly do not disagree with you here and think we need to understand systems in a more holistic sense.

I think we just need to keep pushing for change and pushing great user experience design in an industry in the infant stages of embracing this discipline.

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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