My primary care physician and I used to walk through processes in the Epic system as she would order medications for me or put in a lab order. I always amazed at how many steps it took and how quickly she could get through what seemed like too many steps. Yes, you are right: People will get used to poor designs. I always tell my teams this. You could, for example, have a much better design for your parent’s remote control than the current design. But, try changing up the design on a remote they have had for years and they’ll hate it (even if it is a better design). They have become used to the old, clunky design. Familiarity is something we constantly struggle with in design, which is why implementation efforts are so important. I have written a 3-part series of articles on implementation in UX because I believe this is a major problem for our profession. Great ideas and designs are not always adopted because we are humans and habitual creatures who prefer to avoid change when possible.

Great comment, Vanessa, and thanks for reading!

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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