Thanks, Mia, for both the kind words and for reading the article. Your comments resonate with me. I used to have a boss who would tell me I was too concerned with process. And, he was right. At the time, I spent so much energy on developing processes I never got anything done. I was too busy learning a new tool or following the next best trend in UX. The process started to become my problem rather than allowing me to solve any problems. And though I learned a lesson from that, I still get buried in organizational processes and bureaucracy. The only difference is, I am not creating that problem any longer.

I think you can use a lot of what you read from reputable sources as a guide. But the thing to keep in mind, and a point I should have made in this article, is: Your process or what works for you will often involve a lot of complicated variables within the organization. All of the things we read (to include some of the things I write) will not always work for every organization. What worked in my last organization does not work in my current organization. So, I have to adjust and find a new way to iterate through product development cycles.

Keep designing and keep pushing forward. And thanks again for reading!

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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